Save Security

Strong encryption saves lives. We must protect it.

Don't ban strong security, it saves lives!

When the FBI tried to force Apple to weaken the security measures that keep all of us safe, Internet users rose up in opposition, and the FBI backed down. But now, there are other threats, including legislation like the Burr-Feinstein bill in the US and the "Snooper's Charter" in the UK that want to ban strong encryption. We're building a campaign to defend a future where all of us can speak with freedom, privacy, and security online.

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Private Internet Access ExpressVpn Shuttleworth Foundation

What’s happening?

Right now, governments around the world are threatening the right to use encryption—the very basis for online privacy and security. Senators Feinstein and Burr have introduced legislation banning encryption in the US. In the UK, the Investigatory Powers bill could mandate encryption backdoors. And in Brazil, judges have already briefly blocked WhatsApp for it’s security measures - even arresting an employee. At a time when everything from critical infrastructure to bank accounts is at more risk of being hacked than ever, it’s hard to imagine a more backwards idea than banning encryption and requiring backdoors. After all, security experts agree that backdoors make us more vulnerable. Still, a loss in just one major country could shift technology choices everywhere. We need to win this debate once and for all. We're planning to seize every teachable moment to educate the public about the importance of encryption; to provide the tools that can be used to advocate reform; and to build a large and diverse coalition that includes allies across the political spectrum as well as a cadre of organizations and businesses.

We stand together

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Wikimedia Foundation Reddit Private Internet Access Electronic Frontier Foundation ExpressVpn Google Fight for the Future Freedom of the Press Foundation American Civil Liberties Union Crowd Supply Demand Progress Duck Duck Go IPVanish Campaign for Liberty Media Alliance Free Press Access Now OTI Open Media Strong VPN Center for Media Justice Golden Frog Mass Pirate Party Thunderclap ALA The X-Lab

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What's at stake

Engineers use consumer products or apps with encryption to maintain the most sensitive systems on the planet. Hospitals. Air traffic control. Nuclear power. Threatening the right to use encryption puts lives at risk, by undermining security everywhere.